Letter of International Solidarity on Victory Day

This May 8th marks the 76th anniversary of Allied victory over the fascist forces of Nazi Germany, on this day, a coalition of Soviet, American, British, and other allied forces accepted the official surrender of the Nazi governmnet, and all remaining Wehrmacht forces were ordered to stand down. This day is a cause for celebration. And yet, if you listen to the capitalist propaganda you would be likely to believe that America single handedly saved the world!

It was soldiers of the Soviet Red Army who raised the red flag over the Reichstag on 30 April 1945. They opened the gates of the Auschwitz and Sachsenhausen concentration camps and put a stop to the horrendous extermination program which had murdered six million Jews and five million other minorities and nationalities, as well as Communists and leftists in the death camps.

The imperialist claim to have “defeated” Hitlerite fascism was a lie in 1945 and it is still a lie today, trumpeted today with added vigour as a consequence of imperialist triumphalism over the Soviet Union and Communist revolutions around the world. Almost immediately after the end of WW2, the capitalists began scheming to topple the worker’s movements around the globe, training and deploying former Nazis around the world, destabilizing countries who democratically elected leaders, and inserting themselves into wars of imperialism. To this day the virus of capitalism continues to encroach into every aspect of our lives. This VE day, let us reach out to each other in solidarity and promise that when the time comes, when the workers once again rise up in a red tide that covers the world, we will greet each other with open arms as comrades. Even though we are separated by oceans and borders, the workers of the world have more in common with each other than with the bosses and bankers. And the banks are made of marble with a guard at every door, and the vaults are stuffed with silver that the workers sweated for. All
we have to do is take it!

In solidarity,

US Friends of the Soviet People